Quake Damages Hundreds of Houses in Dieng Plateau


Hundreds of houses were damaged after a 4.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Dieng plateau in Central Java’s Banjarnegara district.

The houses were located in the six villages of Sumberejo, Kepakisan, Pekasiran, Dieng Kulon, Pesurenan, and Gembol, Banjarnegara district.

According to reports from heads of the six villages conveyed at a coordination meeting, the quake caused damage to 311 houses, with 34 of them damaged seriously, 27 moderately and 78 lightly. The extent of damage to 172 other houses meanwhile was still unknown.

The quake also damaged at least two elementary school buildings, four mosques, village head’s office, an Islamic boarding school and other public utilities.

Head of Kepakisan village Hamid said two people sustained bone fracture after the quake rocked the village.

“The victims are a mother and her child. They were referred to Margono Soekarjo hospital in Purworejo district after being treated at Banjarnegara general hospital,” he said.

The quake also forced more than 5,000 people in Banjarnegara and Batang districts to evacuate.

According to Dieng Kulon village head Slamet, about 1,800 people from Kepakisan, Simpangan and Karangtengah villages had been taking refuge in Dieng Kulon village.

“In addition, about 1,500 residents of Rejosari and Bintoro villages, Batang district, and Bitingan and Susukan village, Banjarnegara district (bordering Batang district) are also taking refuge in our village,” he said.

In total, the number of evacuees in the village reached 3,300, he said.

Gembol village head Sugeng said the number of evacuees from Pekasiran village reached about 2,500.

“This morning some of the evacuees returned home. But about 1,700 of them took refuge again because of quake,” he said.

Satriatmo, head of Kejajar subdistrict in neighboring Wonosobn district said a total of 68 evacuees from Pekasiran and Simpangan villages were taking shelter in Dieng Wetan village.

Meanwhile some 1,254 residents of Bawang and Blado sub-districts, Batang district, Central Java, still evacuated after a 4.8-magnitude earthquake hit Dieng plateau.

Head of the Batang district office for national unity, politics and public protection (Kesbangpolinmas) Agung Wisnu Barata said the quake forced 1,254 residents to flee their homes and caused one house to collapse.

“As many as 897 residents of Praten village, Bawang sub-district, are taking shelter at the sub-district office, while 357 residents of Gerlang village, Blado sub-district, are camping out in a soccer field for fear of aftershocks,” he said.

He said the Batang district government had provided the evacuees with rice, instant noodles, and other basic necessaries.

“We hope there won’t be aftershocks so they could resume their daily activities,” he said.

Some of the evacuees were also given shelter at the Bawang village meeting hall.

“Because of the quake a resident has sustained bone fracture  after  falling into the ground while trying to evacuate. A number of officers of the Bawang public health service post are standing by at the offices of Candi Gugur and Bawang village heads,” said Daryati,  the post’s midwife.

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