The Delay of Regional Election Isn’t Decided Yet


The Election Commission (KPU) Bali Province didn’t decided yet whether or not to delay the election which is scheduled on May 15 due to the issue of vote cardwith PDIP logo.

“In relation to the logo, I think that there is no wrong or right because interpretation of KPU Regulation No 66 in 2009 Article 6, between Panwasluand us is not the same,” said the Head of The Election Commission Bali Ketut Sukawati Lanang Putra Perbawa in Denpasar.

For that reason, the decision to reprint the vote card and delay the Election Day or not, he isn’t sure as a pleno meeting should be held to find a solution. The vote cards have been printed all, which is more than 2,9 millions plus 2,5 percent back up in each voting spot.

“Article 6 has been coordinated with KPU and there is interpretation, it could be like the one Panwaslu has and it might not. As what is arranged could be others that is not prohibited,” he said.

As what was reported before, the Head of PanwasluBali Made Wenafound PDIP logo on the pictures of Puspayoga-Sukrawan, which is not appropriate based on KPU Regulation No 66 Dated 2009, especially on Article 6 Paragraph 2, it is stated that the vote card only contains the picture of candidates, their name and number.

Lanang said that he will hold pleno so it doesn’t cause people anxiousness and election organizer in the lowest level. “The stage of the election is already on so the technical issue like this become important,” he said.

On the other hand, in relation to the issue of resignation of KPU Bali Commissioner Logistics Division, Gayatri,because of the vote card issue, LanangPerbawa said that he didn’t get any formal information from her.

“Mrs Gayatri is having a duty in Malang for one or two days,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika who is also one of the candidates, regarding to the issue, he want that the rules should be enforced. “Don’t let the process has legal issue, not legitimate and illegal,” he said.

According to Pastika, since the beginning he knew that there is legal issue, so it must be fixed and it won’t be correct if Bali Election violating law.

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