All Hotels in Indonesia are Not Certified


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy said that all stars hotels in Indonesia don’t have certificate of security management (SMP) yet, which is based on the standard of the National Police (Polri).

“The number of 4-5 stars hotels in Indonesia is 4.000 units, and all are not certified yet,” said the Secretary General of Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry Ukus Kuswara after the launching of SMP in Nusa Dua.

He said that not only stars hotels that don’t have a good security management system, but the other lower level tourist accommodation too.

According to Ukus, all hotels in Indonesia there are approximately 15.000 hotels that don’t have certificate yet so slowly it will be audited by the authorities to improve the standard of security and safety service.

The audit of security management system for all hotels will be started from three hotels located in Bali and Jakarta. Those three tourist accommodations are a pilot project of the system application to improve security service.

“The hotels that become pilot project are St Regis Bali Resort, Sheraton Kuta Bali, and The Dharmawangsa and Oakwood Premier Cozmo Hotel Jakarta,” he said.

Before the audit is done, he said, gradually the hotels will get training to improve security. There is a budget for audit but it is not decided yet.

He stated that the security quality is a strategic way to achieve success in tourism sector so that it could explore the potential of big world tourist market.

“Thus, safety is one of the pesona of ‘sadar Wisata and Sapta Pesona’ campaign,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Security Maintenance Bureau (Kabaharkam) in National Police, Commissioner General Oegroseno said that the security management system doesn’t need devices or specific device standard as well as specific security personnel.

“The system is a unity involving features of personnel and coordination. We hope that after being audited the hotels could improve their service in security and safety,” he said.

Now, he said, the main priority is to audit hotels that will be used as the APEC Summit delegates’ accommodation that is scheduled in September 2013.

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