DPRD Badung Passed KTR Regulation


Regional Parliament (DPRD) of Badung Regency passed Regional Regulation about No-Smoking Area (KTR) in the plenary session.

The Chairman of DPRD Badung regency NyomanGiriPrastasaid that by passing the KTR regulation hopefully people obey the rules so that they don’t smoke wherever they want to and if they violate the rule they will get sanction based on regulation in effect.

“Before implementing KTR Regulation, we will have socialization and coordination with related institution so that the implementation could run maximally,” he said.

According to him, to apply and implement the regional regulation he will have socialization at tourist area because most of the tourists are smokers so that restaurants and hotels should provide a smoking room.

“The application of KTR demanda cooperation between many components, including restaurants and hotels to provide smoking room,” said the PDIP politician.

According to him, the existence of this regional regulation is very significant as smokers could cause disease on respiratory channel and others.

“We hope that the smokers obey the rules, if they want to smoke please use placed provided,” he said.

Meanwhile, the secretary of Children Protection Agency of Bali province, TitikSuhariyati, welcomed positively the regulation.

“We support DPRD Badung that have passed the regional regulation. We hope that through this regulation, it can reduce cigarette consumption. And hopefully children are protected from the danger of cigarette,” she said.

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