Garuda Wisnu Kencana Vendors are Aggrieved

Dozen vendors occupying stands at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) tourism object in Jimbaran, Bali, felt they are aggrieved by the investor.

“It is closed doesn’t mean that we can’t pass by, but our goods can’t enter at all. They said it’s the policy of the new investor,” said Hendra Dinata, a shop owner.

Dozen vendors felt they got unfair treat from Alam Sutra as the new investor.

This problem came to surface, he added, after several shop owners plan to start opening their business by sending in their commodities.

“The road access that is used to be entrance and exit and also GWK’s main road is closed by the new investor,” he said.

According to Hendra accompanied by several vendors, the prohibition was delivered by the secutity so the shop managers who are under Garuda Adi Mantra can’t meet with Alam Sutra directly. In addition, the management ignores and don’t want to meet as well as refuse to have negotiation.

“We’ve met once with HO Division of Alam Sutra, Tri Wijaya. But the meeting concerned on one side not fully on the vendors. We are asked to follow the new regulation from Alam Sutra, which is really unfair,” he said.

Meanwhile, Irma one of the shop owner said that she lost more than Rp12 billion buying the shop based on the agreement with the old investor.

“If they want to change the agreement, please involve us all. Honestly, we’ve bought the shop is the same as we’ve invested our money for 12 years. Since we bought it in 2002, now it’s our turn to open it but we got a feeling that they want to get rid of us. Maybe they want to buy it again from us but with cheaper price,” she said.

Beside the issue of road access, quietly Alam Sutra also put fences in the area of Plaza Amata with permanent walls.

Moreover, it seemed that the shop owners were forced to sign the agreement letter that is not suit with the agreement content with the previous GWK’s investor.

Due to arbitrary action done by Alam Sutra, the management and the shop owners will claim it to Bali House of Legislatives and other governance institution. So far there is no official statement from Alam Sutra as the new management of GWK.

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