Rainforest Condo Partly Sold

PT Edsuko Cipta Prima, a company owned by The Rainforest Swiss-Belhotel, didn’t sell 54 percent of the exclusive residents with condominium hotel concept in the tourist accommodation to ensure the buyers’ investment return.

“We only sell 46 percent of the whole condotel or only 91 units. On the other hand, half is kept to ensure return of investment to the buyers,” Eddy Sutrisno CEO PT Edsuko Cipta Prima during the opening of the hotel located at Sunset Road, Kuta.

He kept 54 percent of the condo hotel so he could return the investment put in through selling half of the units.

91 units of condo were sold only in several months.  When it’s firstly introduced, 44 buyers were interested straightforwardly.

Then in the second introduction, 18 units were sold. All buyers are residents of Jakarta and Surabaya.

“Actually after the second introduction, we don’t want to sell more unit but as there are many requests finally we sell 31 more units,” he said.

According to him, actually selling the condo inflicts a financial lost since the price is cheaper, it is sold for Rp900 millions in which it should be over Rp1 billion.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Guillard as the Vice President Operational said that he is ready to build some new hotels in Bali, such as in North Bali, if it becomes very potential.

“We are ready to open hotel in North region, including other areas that have high potential. However, we are very careful in deciding an action,” he said.

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