Aston Denpasar Offers Innovative Culinary Menu

Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center offers innovative culinary menu of Indonesian-Chinese food that is one and only in Indonesia, which is called shanghai spring roll.

“The menu is one and only in Indonesia, which is a mixture of Indonesian and Chinese food,” said RM Hessy Roos Gianto as the Executive Chef of Aston Denpasar Hotel.

The appetizer menu is exclusively created by him after managing a restaurant in Shanghai for a while, and this month it is being introduced to guesses in the hotel.

The uniqueness of this spring roll is its size that is different from others. The food is 15 centimeters in length and as big as a thumb.

It tastes delicious as inside it various ingredients are put such as shrimp, almond, raisin, carrot and union that are battered.

“Taste of the spring roll is crunchy and sweet so it won’t nauseate us when we eat it,” he said.

The menu will be more complete with the main course, which is “grill yellow tuna steak”.

The main course is more Western style served with spinach, potato waffle and Balinese sauce such as “sambal matah”.

“We serve steak made from tuna because the nutrition is higher. Its weight is about 150 gram. Now the menu is quite desirable to the hotel guess,” said the Chef who had travelled around the world.

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