Indonesian Post Opens the First Postshop in Bali


PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) opened the first Postshop outlet in Denpasar that will provide post and telecommunication service for 24 hours for people in the region.

“Indonesian Post now has made changes and in the third stage, and the shop is one part to increase the asset value owned by the company,” said the Chief Director of Pos Indonesia I Ketut Mardjana at the outlet opening in Denpasar.

The opening of outlet is a part of retail business cooperated with PT Circle K Indonesia so that the asset owned by Pos Indonesia is more productive and produce good outcome.

At the same time of Postshop Opening in Denpasar, three other outlets in Bandung and Yogyakarta is also opened. The detail is two shops in Bandung and one shop in Yogyakarta.

“Strategic partnership between PT Pos and circle K is expected could establish business synergy so it could give additional value for the customers. For the first stage four outlets are opened in three different cities, one of them is in Denpasar that is also the first city outside Java and will be developed in other provinces even up to district level,” he said.

Postshop service model is managed as modern shop with the pattern of one stop shopping and attractive display without losing its identity on orange background color.

“Partnership with Circle K is done with deep business study based on strategic superiority of both sides. Pos Indonesia has widespread network in Indonesia, on the other hand Circle K has experience in convenience store business for 27 years,” he said.

Until April 2013 Postshop had been opened in 22 locations in all post office gradually and will be added around 400-500 outlets up to end of this year. “Now there are 3.900 post office in Indonesia and 2.200 of them could be used as Postshop outlet,” he said.

The President Director of PT Circle K Indonesia Utama Cahyadi Heriantio said that Pos Indonesia becomes their partner to develop the retail business because it has high potential, especially in networking.

“Beside, its infrastructure is also very supportive so we choose it as strategic partner in developing the business,” he said.

Now Circle K has 450 stores in Indonesia spread over seven big cities, such as Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta and Batam. Especially in Bali there are 150 stores placed in strategic area in the region.

“We plan to build 40 more new stores soon,” he said.

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