Telkom Presents “Umeetme” to Support Long Distance Learning


PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk presents “Umeetme” technology service to support long distance learning program or e-learning in Indonesia.

“The technology is to support long distance learning (PJJ) program conducted by Information and Technology College Association (Aptikom),” said EGM Telkom Solution Convergence Division Achmad Sugiarto in Kuta.

The learning program could be done via online, so it becomes solution to save money and more effective. Telkom gives perfect service to support the program, which is called “Umeetme”.

“Umeetme” is a multimedia conference service in the form of high definition video completed with new features based on the need and life style nowadays.

The strength of this multimedia service is low bandwidth use and its application that is easy to be used through any mobile devices so it could assist the program participants.

PJJ program now is only for lecturers in the information and computer college who don’t have master degree yet.

This condition shows that the quality of information and computer lecturers is not really good, even 85 percent of the department is accredited as C.

“With this program lecturers who are not master could continue their study while have their normal activities, without spending more cost,” he said.

The learning program gives possibility for lecturers to teach without having any difficulty managing their time to study and do the assignments because it’s more flexible.

The long distance learning could be conducted by universities that have A or B accreditation that is supported by regulator and National Accreditation Agency.

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