Tourist to Bali Growing 2.36% in Number


Bali recorded a 2.36 percent increase on-year in the number of foreign visitors to 727,013 in the first quarter of this year.

“A significant increase was recorded in the number of visitors from six countries and a decline was recorded from four other countries among ten main countries of origin,” says Gede Suarsa, the head of the Bali office of the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Bali hopes to attract 2.8 million foreign tourists this year, lower than 2.94 million recorded in 2012, Gede Suarsa said here.

The largest number of foreign visitors came from Australia up 0.74 percent on-year to 179,375 making up 24.67 percent of the total number of foreign tourists visiting Bali in the first three months of the year.

The second largest number came from Japan reaching 50,299 tourists , up from 42,614 from a year earlier, followed by Malaysia with 41,852 tourists up 5.76 percent, Taiwan with 27,746 tourists up 1.66 percent; Singapore with 26,068 tourists , up 7.33 percent, and the United States with 24,956 tourists up 19.84 percent.

The four countries form which the number of tourists falling in number included China down 3.21 percent, South Korea down 2.27 percent, Russia down 0.63 percent and Britain down 9.03 percent.

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