Bali to Offer 15 Bus Routes to Investors


Government of Bali Province offer fifteen routes from seventeen corridors of Trans-Sarbagita Bus to the prospective investors to support connecting the mass means of transportation.

“The offer aims at adding means of transportation and bus stop in fifteen corridors that don’t run yet,” said the Head of Transportation, Information and Communication Department of Bali Province, Dewa Putu Punia Asa, in Denpasar. The offer to businessmen is expected could support connectivity of transportation between regions.

Now, he said, Trans Sarbagita is in the process of development and it needs investment fro public and central government.

Beside, one role of those fifteen corridors is to improve the number of people using the bus in the two active corridors, which is not maximum yet.

Only two corridors have been operated, they are corridor 2 to Btubulan- Nusa Dua and Corridor 1 Denpasar- Jimbaran.

“So far, the bus operational and buses costs are taken from Province budget,” he said.

Government of Bali Province also will operate route of Trans-Sarbagita bus to Ngurah Rai Airport since the traffic on that route is getting more and more crowded. It will be a solution in overcoming the crowd traffic from and to the Airport.

According to Dewa, actually the preparation of opening the corridor had been done a while ago, but the problem is the bus stop and buses are not ready yet.

Besides finalizing bus addition and corridors, the provincial government have budgeted Rp8,4 billion to operate Trans Sarbagita corridor 1 and 2 this year.

It is recorded that Rp 4.2 billion is used for operating corridor 1 and the rest is for corridor 2.

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