Ngurah Rai Airport Extension is on 80% of Completion


Extension project in NgurahRai International Airport until May 2013 has been completed up to 80 percent from the target to be finished in the middle of 2013 in order to support the APEC Summit in October.

“Up to May 2013 is almost 80 percent of completion,” said General Manager of AngkasaPura I Ngurah Rai Airport Purwanto in Kuta, Badung Regency.

He is optimistic that the development of the airport will start operating in September 2013.

“Partially we will move some activities starting from July-August and September it is fully operating,” he said.

The extension project of the airport spends budget up to Rp 2 trillion could accommodate passengers up to 25 million passengers.

Now the number of passengers in average is 40 thousand people. Whereas, number of passengers every year reaching 14 million people in average.

“Every year there is increasing number of passengers up to 15 percent,” he said.

The huge number of passengers coming to Ngurah Rai International Airport, said Purwanto, made the airport can’t accommodate additional frequency of international flights.

However, he didn’t mention some international flights that couldn’t be accommodated by the airport.

He denied that it’s because of the airport extension process. It’s actually due to huge number of passengers and limited capacity of the airport.

“It’s not due to the renovation process but due to condition and capacity of terminal and limited space if we force it the passengers won’t be comfortable,” he said.

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