Police Show Face of Australian Tourist’s Rapist in Sketches


The North Kuta police have shown the face of an alleged rapist of an Australian tourist in a police-made sketch.

“We have shown the face of the alleged rapist in a sketch and the victim recognized him,” said North Kuta Police chief, Adjunct Commissioner Reinhard Habonaran Naing-golan in Kuta.

The rape incident took place on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

Of the three police-made sketches, the second one is probably the closest to the perpetrator’s face.

The police are now investigating the case, pursuing the rapist of the Australian tourist named LKT (24).

He stated that the other suspects are expected to still remain in the tourist resort island, or most likely already fled Bali.

Earlier on Sunday, May 11, the police arrested a man who is suspected to be a thief in Damais villa where the victim stayed, in the area of Canggu, North Kuta.

But Reinhard was reluctant to say where the thief suspect was arrested.

“Obviously we have arrested the suspect and detained in Bali,” he said.

Based on information, the suspect admitted he did not rape the victim but only committed theft.

The Police ensured that the rape was carried out by one person, while the theft was done by more than one person.

Reinhard stated that they have been coordinating with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Bali to bring in the victim who is currently already in Perth, Australia.

Earlier on Saturday (27/4) around 01.00 pm, robbers entered villa Damais in the tourist area of Canggu, North Kuta, where LKT stayed. They did not only robbed the victim of her belonging but also raped her. The perpetrators were estimated to be more than one person.

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2 Responses to “Police Show Face of Australian Tourist’s Rapist in Sketches”

  1. Nick McClain Says:

    The Governor along with the chief of the police should not only give word-guarantee of safety on the island also push every police station to patrol around. Bali has many underground gangster clubs that co-operation with the police, playing tail chasing… Bali need to hang the rapist and robbers in front of ‘Banjar’ or ‘Alun-alun’ so people can spit on him even burn his dead body. Thank you.

  2. Tanner Says:

    @Nick McClain
    Your out burst n anger is justifiable. Hope you will advise the same treatment n punishment for rapists in USA (statistically every 1-2minute) n Europe/Australia (statistics available on Internet). You can speak/write such suggestions here – but probably in above mentioned places civil, human rights n what not would come after you not the rapist.

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