Virgin Air Owner Success as AirAsia Stewardess


The AirAsia flight numbered  X D7 237 from Perth to Kuala Lumpur felt different with the presence of Sir Richard Branson as a stewardess.

The owner of Virgin Air must be a stewardess in Air Asia flight numbered X D7 237 to fulfill his promise to the Air Asia group owner, Tony Fernandes.

Sir Richard, who is also the Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, waxed his legs hair, wore a sexy red skirt and flew as AirAsia X stewardess in the special charity flight, which departed from Perth this morning.

The flamboyant businessman spent five and half hours of travel by pouring coffee and tea, serving food, distributing souvenirs, entertaining and giving in-flight announcement to the passengers and also media partner from various countries in the charity flight for Starlight Children Foundation. The charity flight finally happening after more than two years Sir Richard lost a bet with Fernandes.

Sir Richard and Fernandes had a bet on Formula One (F1) team that reach the finish line first at the Formula One Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2010, whether it’s Lotus owned by Fernandes or Marussia Virgin Racing owned by Sir Richard, and the one who lost must become a stewardess in the winner’s airlines flight, whether Air Asia or Virgin. The Lotus team owned by Tony Fernandes finally two position ahead from Sir Richars’s team in the final lap.

“Beside becoming a businessman, visionary and adventurer, Sir Richard now could add AirAsia stewardess in his long experience list,” said Tony Fernandes.

“Sir Richard had been pass as a cabin crew of AirAsia with excellent achievement. He did his in-flight duty with his typical humorous style and enthusiasm. Sir Richard is truly a sportive man and AirAsia is really glad could contribute to help disadvantage people through this charity flight,” he added.

Sir Richard Branson said tha this is the first time for him but he enjoyed every single second of this experience.

“Now I really respect all things done by the stewardesses every day, especially in maintaining the passengers’ safety,” he said.

“I am very grateful too because I have Tony, who is kindly help me in the flight. I am sure we have given the best to the passengers by providing satisfying entertainment and food. It was truly a wonderful experience,” he said.

“I always say that I am a man who keep my promise and I am satisfied because finally I did my responsibility as well as contributing in a great charity project,” he said.

AirAsia X will donate AUD$100 from each seat sold to Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia.

Beside, AirAsia X will donate 10% from all in-flight sale including merchandise duty free sold during the flight to The Starlight Children Foundation. BIG Loyalty that is a loyalty program of AirAsia passengers also contribute in having “Tweet2 Donate BIG” campaign via social media with a target to collect one million BIG points from its members or has same value with AUD$3200.

Starlight Children Foundation is founded in Australia in 1988 and is dedicated to brighten the life of children who have serious diseases and their family in all areas of Australia. This year the foundation celebrate its twenty fifth anniversary.

In preparation of his new role, Sir Richard waxed his legs hair at the cocktail party attended by members of Starlight Children Foundation, representatives from travel agents, communities including business leaders and media in Perth last night. The other donation was also collected that night for the foundation.

The crowd finally finished at Low Cost Carrier terminal in Kuala Lumpur where a simple commencement ceremony is prepared for Branson. Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group, got an honor to give the graduation certificate for AirAsia cabin crew along with crew uniform and shoes to Sir Richard as a form of thank you for his sportsmanship.

Azran Isman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X stated, “A new history in airlines world has been made and this memory will stay forever! Observing Branson served Tony as a stewardess in AirAsia X flight is really a pleasure, because he is Tony’s ex teacher. Now ‘fairness between them has been upheld’ and what is more interesting is they have the same characters, they are determination, persistent and strong passion in everything they do.”

“It also shows that nothing impossible when a person does something with heart and good intention. We hope that our contribution could make the life of children in Starlight Foundation better than before,” said Azran.

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