Academics Advice Balinese People to Remain Calm


Institution of Hindu Dharma (IHDN) Denpasar Prof. I Made Titib urged people to remain calm while awaiting the announcement of the results of the Governor elections.

“Volunteers and supporters of both couple were also advised to help calm the public,” he said.

He also hopes the two candidates will not mutually claim victory. “Think how Bali is still safe and peaceful,” said the former rector IHDN Denpasar.

Titib also reminded the public not to merely pursue short-term interests through election, but to think more long-term.

“If there are problems in the implementation of the election that was held on Wednesday (15/5) that resulted in the alleged fraud and so on, it is better to let them go through the legal process,” he said.

Titib also stressed that if there are political ripples that disturb security and order in the society, police and military forces will be used to secure the disturbance.

“Police and military forces are to remain alert, if there are distruptive actions in the community they are to swiftly anticipate it so that there is no friction or chaos occurring,” he said.

Titib also asked both candidates to appease the supporters by praying together.

The same thing was expressed by spiritual leader Gusti Ngurah Harta regarding the governor general election, who explained that the elections are a democratic process.

“The form of democracy is one where elections in Bali occur every five years,” said Ngurah Harta who is also the leader of Indonesian Sandi Murti.

According to Ngurah Harta, the democratic process will run safely and peacefully if society act maturely during the process.

“Let’s learn from the experiences of the past political process which was full of tension, now people are getting smarter in the democratic process,” he said.

Bali Police chief Insp. Arif Wachyunadi hope people are not provoked by post-Bali KPU plenary meeting to determine the winner in the elections Bali.

“We ask people to be patient and not be provoked. In situations like this, people are easily provoked by people who are not responsible,” said Insp. Arif during a visit to the Jembrana regency.

According to Arif, because Bali is a tourist destination, its main asset is the security and peace that should be kept together.

During his time in the district of Jembrana, police chief held a meeting with Chief of Jembrana, Commissioner Komang Sandi Arsana and provide direct guidance to personnel on guard, especially BKO Brimob troops from East Java Police and Central Java.

Personally to BKO, the General Inspector Arif reminded, as long as they served in Jembrana, they must obey the local police.

As for security in the whole of Bali, Arif said it asked all police officers to anticipate things that are not desirable.

“Support from Java is very helpful in securing this. All this we do to give you a sense of security to the community,” he said.

Police chief also denied if the security done now redundant because it was planned from the beginning.

“Security has been compiled by us from the beginning. Should always alert the police not only at the election period,” he said.

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