Activists Remind Elected Governor to Save the Environment


Many environmental activists from WALHI, Greenpeace Indonesia, and Wisnu Foundation remind the elected governor in elections to create policies that help to save the environment.

“Biodiversity of Indonesia and Bali in particular if it is not maintained will be very easily destroyed. Similarly, our environment should be maintained as a vanguard for Indonesia,” said Director of Wisnu foundation Made Suarnatha in Kuta.

According to Suarnatha, the environment and people become victims in the era of globalization. Especially with the tourism in Bali, which is still considered a hand from God.

“The challenge facing Bali are great because of the fast investment in our area,” he said.

Meanwhile Wayan “Gendo” Suardana of Forum for Environment (Walhi) Bali said the effects of the massive development of the tourism sector which is driven by the Masterplan Expansion, Acceleration, and Indonesian Development (MP3EI) have a major impact on the ecology of the island.

“For us the development of infrastructure to support the MP3EI, is not necessarily best for the welfare of the common people,” he said.

Gendo fisheries and livestock sector believes it is inversely proportional to the tourism sector..

“As a result, the impact of environmental damage is even greater,” he said while hoping that the future leaders of Bali can be more focus on environmental aspects, than has happened in the past.

He also pointed out that road construction has impacted waterways and has led to traditional fishermen now using fishing nets.

Meanwhile, Marine Campaigner Greenpeace Indonesia Arifsyah M Nasution said in the future there must be fundamental changes made in Bali.

“Marine and fishery sectors should be considered without prejudice to the existing local knowledge,” he said.

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