Balinese Society are “Restless” Waiting for Election Results

Balinese Society are “Restless” Waiting for Election Results

The Balinese people are still waiting for an official announcement from the Electoral Commission (KPU) after the election held on Wednesday (15/5).

The vote discrepency for both candidates is less than one percent, mean all candidate supporters are waiting for the announcement of the results of the vote recount by KPU Bali, the announcement is scheduled for next week.

Although the results of the election makes citizens “restless” community activities run as usual.

The economy continues to thrive across the region and tourism, from both domestic and abroad, remains active in the tourist areas of Denpasar Sanur, Nusa Dua and Kuta in Badung regency.

In anticipation of the current political turmoil on the island from various circles of society, everyone from academics, community leaders, spiritual and political leaders to  the gubernatorial candidate themselves, advised that everything is being done to maintain peace and order in Bali.

Academics Affairs Institute of Hindu Dharma (IHDN) Denpasar Prof. I Made Titib urged people to remain calm awaiting the announcement of the results of the local elections Bali General Elections Commission.

“Investigators and supporters of both candidates are also urged to help calm the public,” said Titib recently in Denpasar.

The same thing is also carried out by spiritual leader Gusti Ngurah Harta. He said that the activity is a process of democratic elections so that all parties should be able to accept whatever the outcome.

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