Life Expectancy of People in Denpasar Rises


Mayor of Denpasar Ida Bagus Rai Dharma Wijaya Mantra announced that the life expectancy of people in the area at this time increased from 72 in 2011 to 73 in 2012.

“Life expectancy reached 72 years earlier but by 2012 it has increased to 73 years so that life expectancy increased one year,” he said on the anniversary of Elderly National Day (LANSIA) in Denpasar.

According to Rai Mantra, life expentancy is closely related to health problems, especially for the elderly.  Rai Mantra added that the government is attempting to increase the empowerment of the elderly through various programs so that they can live a better life without worry. “They need to be given happiness to the heart,” he said.

Denpasar city administration through work units (SKPD) have implemented several special programs for the elderly at neighborhood health centers, including art activities and dance studios, along with spiritual activities such as “Tirtayatra”.

He said that the celebration was not just ceremonial but was also meant to increase awareness that helping the elderly is still an important objective.

“The National Elderly Day is not just a celebration but also how we do understand the shift in society values that the elderly was not load but if there were no elderly, there were no pioneer of national identity,” he said.

Also on National Elderly Day in Denpasar at the Denpasar City Government Center building in the western region of the Lumintang field, there were diverse activities including health fairs and traditional dance competitions attended by hundreds of elderly citizens.

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