NGO Campaign on HIV/AIDS Through Art

NGO “Bali Against AIDS” (BAA) campaign for HIV/AIDS through art with the full support of the “Designer Against AIDS” as a nonprofit institution from Belgium.

“Campaign on HIV/AIDS conducted by a ‘pop culture’ such as music, ‘fashion’, social media and a fun activity not limited to teaching in the classroom,” said volunteer Against Aids Bali, Anak Agung Ayu Ratna Wulandari in Denpasar.

According to him, despite the campaign response to the virus that attacks the immune system, on the island has also been done in various ways, some of the methods applied in Belgium, still can be applied or combined with other socialization in Bali.

One of them is socialization dangers of HIV/AIDS through a video game uploaded to the BAA launched a new page.

“We made a game that has not been made but we will adjust to the culture in Bali. Example, it should not be too vulgar, and the goal is that there is no taboo against the dangers of HIV / AIDS,” he said.

Volunteers are also involved in We Too Young (Kisara) added that the activities provided in the BAA was still the same with the other just more focused on HIV / AIDS by using the “pop culture” is more aimed at teenagers.

Not only in the form of a website that summarizes activity campaign against the dangers of HIV/AIDS, it also seeks to reach the teens from “online” and on the field.

Data from the Commission on HIV/AIDS (KPA) of Bali mentions during the last 27 years, patients who have not found a drug to cure it reached 7,291 people.

Most of these diseases attack the productive age group of 20-29 years which is as much as 2,930 or approximately 40.19 per cent.

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