Australian Tourist Died Dragged by Current when Heavy Rain


An Australian tourist, Joanne Louise Randall (40), died as she slipped and dragged by strong current of the gutter at Jalan tangkuban Perahu, Kuta, when rain was pouring heavily on Sunday (26/5).

Her body was finally found at the small river, which is about 100 meters from the incident location. The tourist’s body until now is put at RSUP Sanglah, Denpasar.

“She was walking with her husband on the side of the road near the gutter but suddenly she slipped and fell into the gutter at Jalan Tangkuban Perahu,” said the Chief of North Kuta Sector Police, AKP Reinhard Nainggolan.

Before, she and her husband were on the way by catching a cab. However, due to traffic jam as a result of flooded road they then decided to go on foot.

According to him around the incident location that is located on the East of LP II-A Class Denpasar in Kerobokan was raining heavily.

Meanwhile, the current of the gutter whose width and depth is about two meters was flooded so that the current ran swiftly.

“Since there was traffic jam due to flooded road, so they decided to walk, in which she walked at front. But unfortunately she slipped,” Reinhard added.

Her husband, Made Keenan (46) had helped his wife by seizing the arm of the woman from Perth but unfortunately the woman couldn’t be saved as she was dragged by swift current of small river.

“Her husband tried to seize her arm but as the current id too strong and it was raining heavily, finally she was adrift,” said Reinhard.

She was found dead at about 100 meters from the location after two hours of searching.

The death case of Australian tourist due to she slipped now is handled by North Kuta Sector Police for further investigation. Until now there is no information of up to when the body of Joanne Louise Randall will be put at RSUP Sanglah.

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