Bali Needs Breakthrough to Increase Industrial Manufacturing

Bali needs to make a breakthrough to increase industrial manufacturing development in terms of quality and number in order to face the increasingly rigorous competition in the era of globalization, an official has said.

“Besides, the province must also be able to meet the demands of the diversity and the quality of industrial products at local, national, and export markets,” provincial Bureau of Statistics Chief Gede Suarsa said here.

He also called on the government to provide ample room to the private sectors in supporting market-oriented industrial development.

Gede said the growth of manufacturing sector in Bali was 6.04 percent in 2012, or lower than the local economic growth of 6.65%.

He added that manufacturing industrial sectors contributed 8.90 percent against gross regional domestic product in 2012, or lower that that of previous year at 8.92 percent.

Viewed from the value added manufacturing industries amounting Rp7.47 trillion in 2012, the figure was much lower than  Rp25.37 trillion from trade, hotel, and restaurant sectors in the same year.

Therefore, Gede said the existence of manufacturing industries in Bali should continue to be stepped up because they were very strategic as a link between the agricultural and tourism sectors.

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