Horticulture Import Limitation Bring Profit for Farmers


The Department of Food and Agriculture Bali Province regarded that the central government’s policy to limit horticulture products import at the beginning of the year has given positive impact for local agriculture products so it brings benefit for farmers.

“Limitation of the import gives positive impact so that the selling value of local fruits is lifted up. It improves the farmers’ wealth in the region,” said the Head of Post-Harvest and Marketing Division, Food and Agriculture Department of Bali Province, Ketut Lihadnyana, in Denpasar.

He hoped that the positive impact could be maintained by farmers by adjusting the existing harvest season.

Based on the data of Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali Province on April 2013 the farmers’ term of trade (NTP) on horticulture subsector had increased 0.60 percent.

The increase of NTP on the subsector was caused by increase of index received by farmers that is 0.72 percent higher than index paid by farmers that is 0.12 percent.

The increase of index received by farmers was caused by increasing index of fruits group, which is 0.96 percent.

“The farmers’ wealth is measured based on NTP increase benchmark,” he said.

According to him, the more farmers’ income so NTP will be better. The condition happened nowadays triggered by increase of local fruits price in the market.

The positive value opens opportunity for other Balinese farmers’ products in fulfilling markets that have a huge need.

“People start choosing local fruits as the alternative commodity because the price of import ones is expensive,” he said.

NTP is one of indicators to see the farmers’ ability or purchasing power in the villages. NTP also shows term of trade of agriculture products on other goods and services.

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