Hotel Management in Bali will Adjust Their Rates


Several hotel managements in Bali planned to adjust their rates to anticipate the plan of petroleum price increase.

“We might will adjust the rates related to the petroleum price increase,” said the General Manager of New Kuta Hotel Alexander Dorus in Pecatu.

The rate adjustment is influenced by possibility of increasing goods’ prices from the suppliers to hotels managed by Lexington.

“However, it will be unfair if the impact of petroleum price increase is totally burdened to the guests staying in the hotel,” he said.

He said that the rate adjustment wouldn’t be too far from the petroleum price increase. It is done to maintain the comfort of guests staying in the hotel that has capacity of 226 rooms.

Now the hotel is renewing the hotel brand located in the area of Pecatu to increase and fix the management of tourist accommodation so that more guests will come in.

“We really want more domestic tourists staying in the hotel as they are a good potential market, as well as the other Asian people,” he said.

Similar thing was stated by the Public Relation Manager of Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center Rike Liwan.

She said that there are some holiday package rates from the hotel that will be adjusted, such as Lebaran and Independence Day package, in order to anticipate the plan to increase the petroleum price.

“However for the room rate there is no plan of adjustment or increase. It happens due to the contract with some travel agents, so it can’t be done,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Marketing Communications Officer of Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Dina Indah said that each year the hotel conducts rate adjustment which has no connection to the government’s policy.

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