Lovina Beach Area will be Rearranged


The government of Buleleng regency planned to rearramged the area of Lovina Beach to improve tourism development in the Nort Bali region.

“After releasing Lovina Beach as a new tourism area in North Bali, so the regional government will have the authority to develop it as tourism destination as well as increasing PAD of Buleleng regency,” said the Head of Public Relation and Protocol Division in Pemkab Buleleng, Gede Sugiartha, in Singaraja.

According to him, the arrangement that had been done by building houses along the seashore is very distracting and cause trash accumulation in that area.

The plan is that Pemkab Buleleng will call the village chief and religion leaders to run negotiation in relation to the plan of arranging Lovina Beach tourism area.

“The arrangement doesn’t mean to drag the residents forcefully, but to negotiate a consensus that does not harm the local people,” he said.

The area of Lovina Beach located in the Western part of Buleleng Regency or about 15 kilometers from Singaraja.

The tourism area is still natural and visited by many tourists as it is famous for its dolphin’s attraction at the sea.

“The plan is in the future Lovina not only depends on dolphins but also creates a comfortable atmosphere for tourists spending their holiday in Lovina,’ said Sugiartha.

Besides, according to him, the regional government also will train the qualified human resources (SDM) to be able to serve the tourists and could promote the main Bali area professionally.

Previously, Cinta Laura, an artist, who purposefully offered herself to be the tourism ambassador in North Bali, said that she was amazed with the tourism potential in that area.

North Bai for her is still natural and has a huge potential to be developed as a tourism destination.

However, Cinta Laura also critized the problem of in-house trash compiling in the area of Lovina Beach, thus the regional government will immediately take action so that it won’t distract tourists spending their holiday at the beach.

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