Ceking Tourist Object Getting More Popularity among Foreign Tourists

Ceking tourist object located in the area of Tegalalang, Gianyar regency, Bali, presenting the beauty of natural scenery of terraced ricefields as the main attraction for foreign tourists.

“The attraction managed by pekraman (customary village) is able to produce more than Rp100 million per month from entrance fees and parking,” said the Treasurer of the attractions management, Dewa Putu Raka Selangga.

He said that the foreign tourists are interested in visiting the scenery of terraced rice fields, which is similar to Jatiluwih subak area in Tabanan regency which has been designated as a world cultural heritage (WBD).

The tourist object managed professionally by the customary village has been always crowded by tourists both domestic and foreign.

Dewa Putu Raka explained that the condition brings positive impact on the local community, to be able to sell by building a small craft shop and restaurant along the Ceking region in Tegallalang.

However, the presence of permanent buildings that has not been laid out maximally so that it looks less arranged, not according to the environmental conditions that is beautiful and sustainable.

Dewa Putu Raka added that Ceking customary village got credence from the government of Gianyar regency to manage the tourist object since March 10, 2012 began laying out the area regarding to parking, traffic and shops.

According to the agreement, the attraction income is Rp100 million per month, the use of it is directed 32.34 percent for operational costs, 35 percent for levies to Tegallalang customary village, 30 percent for investment and 2.66 percent for askes (health insurance).

Some of the constraints faced are like many huge tour buses cannot be accommodated in the parking lot causing traffic jam in that area.

Therefore, we need to expand the parking lot by renting land from the surrounding communities.

According to one farmer owned terraced rice field, I Made Sutha from Banjar Kebon, Kedisan village, he with the 14 farmers owning the rice fields that become the tourist object, have received contributions from the maintenance fund fromTegallalang customary village, which is Rp500.000 per month per landlord.

The compensation is considered very little if it is compared to the income that reaches hundreds of millions rupiah. On the other hand, to maintain and preserve the terraced rice field has experienced a difficult time.

“We expect that the government could help farmers, especially those in the Ceking region,” he said.

The Head of Culture Department Gianyar regency Cokorda Gde Rai Widiarsa P explained that the local government could help farmers in Ceking, if it is within an organizations of registered subak.

Since the mechanism of government assistance from Bali Province and Gianyar regency can only be channeled through subak organization.

Until now the 14 farmers owning land in Ceking region don’t registered in Subakyet, so it’s difficult to get help from the government.

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