Fuel Price Increase Not Affect Tourism


Rising prices of fuel (BBM) that will be implemented in mid-June 2013 is predicted not to affect the tourism condition in the peak of long holiday season.

“BBM is still subsidized by the government, especially for the tour, there may be changes to bus rental and additional seating, but it’s still tolerable,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association of Bali, Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, in Denpasar.

The peak of long holiday season due to school holidays and long holidays in a number of countries that usually takes place in the period from June to August.

According to him, despite the rise on fuel prices is uncertain and often in sudden, but the businessmen especially in the tourism business have anticipated it, including several rate increases.

“Usually businessmen have anticipated any changes such as increase in tariff of electricity, water, and inflation,” he said.

Align with Ngurah Wijaya, head of the Bali Province Tourism Department, Ida Bagus Kade Subikshu stated that the business related to tourism or “leisure” is not expected to be affected by the plan of increase in the price of subsidized fuel.

“Tourism does not know the crisis unless the security threats and health issues. People designing travel for next year, they usually already have designed days from now. So, usually there is planning,” he said.

Besides, many promos offered by tourism accommodation and airlines also made some people decide to do the trip despite the price increase.

Bali Province Tourism Department estimated projected domestic tourist visits to the island in 2013 to reach 6.28 million people. While in 2012 the visit reached 6.063,558 people.

Meanwhile, for foreign tourists visit, in 2013 the projection could reach 3.18 million people or have an increase of achievements in 2012 reaching 2.892.019 people.

“Projection of  2013 is 3.18 million of the 9 million tourist arrivals projected nationally,” said Subikshu.

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