Police Disband Pitbull Dog Fight


Police dispersedthe dog fight of “American Pitbull Terrier” worth hundreds millions rupiah at Trengguli Street, Denpasar.

“From the operation, we seized five Pitbull owners. Yet, we’re investigating them,” said East Denpasar Sector Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner I Putu Suprama.

He revealed that the fight incited 17 dogs known as the ferocious dog. Dissolution was made when the eight round was about to begin. The dogs weighing 25 kilograms were required to fight about 10 minutes.

According to him, the operation stemmed from the public information that there is fight of American purebred dogs held frequently at Trengguli Street.

“After we checked it, it’s happening. In fact, many participants are also from outside Bali,” said Putu Suprama.

The perpetrators charged under Article 302 of the Criminal Code about the neglect and mistreatment of animals.

“But we still continue to investigate, whether the perpetrators are charged for the article about animal neglect or gambling,” he said.

Bali is known as a strategic area of breeding dogs, both local races like Kintamani or imported dogs.

Based on the data in the Bali Provincial Husbandry Department that until now there are 350 thousand population of dogs on the island, about 40 percent of them don’t get rabies vaccine yet.

Chairman of the Indonesian Veterinarian Association (PDHI) Bali Province Gusti Ngurah Kade Mahardika considered that the high number of dogs that have not been vaccinated for rabies since the dog population growth is higher than the amount that has been eliminated through mass vaccination program.

“In addition, people have not seen the rabies vaccination as an urgent need,” he said.

According to him, a dog of any type, including Pitbull basically has temperamental character, but loyal to his master.

The owners can practice the nature and character of the dog that is petted.

“Actually, whether it is a wild dog or not, depending on the people who take care of it,” said Aji Raga, an activist of the Indonesia Anti Dog Fight.

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