Roche Indonesia Invites People to Have Rheumatism Early Detection


A pharmaceutical company called PT Roche Indonesia invites people to have early detection for severe rheumatic diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis) so that they could do the best treatment without causing chronic side effects.

“This type of rheumatic is very harmful to the human body and tends to result in any abnormalities or disabilities for life,” said Rheumatology Specialist  in RSUP Sanglah dr. Gede Kambayana, ApPD-KR in Denpasar.

He explained that basically there are two types of rheumatic, namely mild and severe rheumatic, but if it is not treated early it would result in impacts that are dangerous to human health.

The mild rheumatic diseases can be treated with pain relievers and do exercise regularly.

Meanwhile, severe rheumatic need serious treatment and require a huge amount of fee to recover as to normal condition.

Gede said that Rheumatoid Arthritis medication from Roche is not without side effects, but has a safety profile that can be tolerate and predicted.

As the realization of company’s commitment in expanding Indonesian patients’ access to treatments and innovative solutions, Roche Indonesia launched Roche Patient Assistance Program (RPAP) that is also available for Rheumatoid Arthritis patient. For more information on the patient assistance program, patient can contact Roche Indonesia (021-3041 3000) or through website

Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis patient has to be under doctor’s supervision and based on doctor’s recommendation, since each patient has different condition and therefore different needs.

The treatment offered is not just a discourse because it has a lot of evidence and its success rate have reached 83 percent in Asia.

She saw a lot of potential of rheumatic in Indonesia and Bali in particular that has not been addressed maximally and assumed that the disease is agenetic disease.

”Yet on the other hand, the disease can be treated optimally by doing steps in order not to cause a lifetime disability.”

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