Russians Threatened Severe Punishment as Allegedly a Marijuana Dealer


Two Russians Anton Pudikov (35) and Revaz Tolordava (28) allegedly marijuana dealers and owners face a different punishment, one of whom threatened severe penalty.

Both were charged separately at the first trial held in the Denpasar District Court.

The prosecutor Ida Ayu Sulasmi said that Anton was alleged to be the drug owner or dealer in the form of marijuana.

It was revealed when the officers from Ditresnarkoba Bali Police conductedthe raidon March 19, 2013 in Perumahan Asri Jimbaran, Jalan Akuntansi, Gang Banteng No. 4, Jimbaran, South Kuta.

“Officers found leaves and wet seeds of marijuana in two places with a total weight of 83.52 grams along with a plastic bottle of marijuana suction tool under the table,” said the prosecutor.

Anton was charged under Article 111 paragraph (1) of the Narcotics Law related to possession of narcotics plant, which its threat is a maximum of 12 years.

The defendant was also charged with two count, namely Article 114 paragraph (1) os Narcotics Law as an intermediary and could face a maximum 20 years in prison.

In a separate prosecution, it was known that an hour after the raid Revaz came to Anton’s residence.

When his body was frisked no prohibited items was found, but in the trunk of motorcycle he was riding the officers found three packages of marijuana weighing 72.18 grams net.

Police also frisked to the defendant’s residence at Jalan Mumbak, Gang Carik No. 7, Kerobokan, North Kuta.

Police found a brown paper folded containing 0.38 grams so the total is 72.56 grams net.

For his actions, Revaz was charged under the first count Article 111 Paragraph (1) of the Narcotics Law with maximum threat of 12 years.

Revaz has better luck because he was charged using Article 131 of Narcotics Law related to have a knowledge of the existence of narcotics but he didn’t report it to the police, which the threat is maximum one-year in prison.

Both defendants were accompanied by their lawyer Peter Loyani who did not lodge any exceptions.

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