ABI Push Bali Government Create Regulations on Arak


Bartender Association of Indonesia (ABI) encourages Bali Provincial Government to make regulations on the circulation of typical traditional alcoholic beverages of the island, namely arak.

“We urge the government to issue regulations on arak circulation due to the actions of people that mixes with other materials without any clear standards,” said ABI Chairman of Bali I Ketut Darmayasa.

According to him, the regulations will set the use of that traditional drink, arak, that aims to further open up economic opportunities for the craftsmen.

The regulations will make arak be legally prescribed on certain alcohol levels provisions.

“If the circulation of arak was legalized then the quality monitoring of the product can be carried out directly on craftsmen,” he asserted.

According to him, based on his observations on the hotel and bar which is in the center of tourism in Bali is rarely introducing that drink to the visitors or tourists.

Supposedly, he said, the bar manager or hotel can introduce alcoholic beverage products made in the region so that it can compete with imported liquor products.

“In vice versa, be ready for ‘balinese experience’ for the creation of the spirit of the island. At least, we show our concern to the arak makers by introducing the product to foreigners,” he said.

He explained that in order to avoid negative effects after consuming alcoholic beverages that are necessary for increasing the understanding, such as avoid mixed drinks that do not meet standards.

“All alcohol contains ethanol and methanol, when mixed with similar drinks would be fatal to human health,” he asserted.

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