Income of VoA Bali Reaches 13 Million Dollars


Acceptance visas (visa on arrival / VOA) paid by foreign tourists visiting Bali reached 13 million U.S. dollars during the first quarter of 2013.

Foreign exchange earnings are reduced by 9.75 percent compared to the same period by last year, said Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Denpasar Dwi Pranoto.

Decreases in revenue is in line with the slowing growth of foreign travelers visits in early 2013, from 8.67 percent to 3.52 percent (yoy), with the number of tourist arrivals recorded 720 114 people.

He explained that the arrival of foreign tourists on holiday to Bali is still dominated by tourists from Australia with a share of 25 percent of the total foreign tourist arrivals in the first three months period of 2013.

The next are travelers from China that is 14 percent of the 720 114 people, then Japanese tourists growing of recent in third with 7 percent, from Malaysia 6 percent, and South Korea 4 percent.

Reduction in the number of travelers at the beginning of the year is the seasonal cycle of the arrival of tourists from several countries, including from Australia and China, which are relatively volatile in the last year.

The number of foreign tourist arrivals from these countries in the first quarter 2013 even having contractions respectively 4.02 percent and 4.17 percent (yoy). Indications of a slowdown are also shown by tourists from South Korea.

The Reduction of the presence of foreign tourists to Bali is due to the development of infrastructure in various locations. Moreover, according to him, the project also led to traffic jam and pollution at various points the way to slow down foreign tourists visit on a temporary basis.

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