Turtle Conservation is Ready to Enliven “Miss World” Event

Turtle conservation center in Kuta Beach, Badung regency, Bali is ready to enliven the beauty queen world contest or “Miss World” in 2013 by providing child turtle to be released into the habitat by the contestants during a visit to the beach.

“We provide hatchlings for the contestants from 130 countries who are reportedly scheduled to visit Kuta Beach,” said I Gusti Ngurah Tresna as Chairman of the Task Force Kuta Beach, which also figures as the beach operators.

The man known as “Mr. Turtle” cannot mention the exact number of how many hatchlings prepared to be released by the pageant contestants.

“We guarantee that hatchlings will be released because during February until September of this year is the season to lay eggs,” he said.

Nesting season this year different from last year, which usually begins in March, but it has been found turtle eggs since February.

Now that he has found about 15,000 eggs and nearly 20 percent of them are hatched.

“Based on the data obtained at the end of the month we thought this would be as many as 4,000 sea turtle eggs hatch at the same time, which is likely to be a record of its own and will certainly be an attraction for tourists,” he said.

He explained that thousands of eggs from 135 nests saved by his team are located around the area of Kuta Beach, Legian to Seminyak. Currently only olive ridley turtles are nesting in the area, hopefully it will be followed by other turtle species.

Tresna pleaded that he does not understand why they like to nesting in Kuta Beach, while in theory, turtles looking for a quiet place to lay eggs.

While the atmosphere of the beach is very crowded, so it appealed to the beach visitors to be careful at the time of egg-laying animals ranging from 20:00 pm until the early morning.

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