Awareness of HIV/AIDS Prevention Among PSK Has Increased


Awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention among commercial sex workers in the city of Denpasar and Badung regency has increased, said the Program Manager of Kerti Praja Foundation Dewa Nyoman Suyetna.

“Before the awareness to check-up for HIV / AIDS is very low, but now it is easier. Especially after the KPA (Commission on HIV / AIDS Prevention) facilitates and establishes working groups,” he said in Denpasar.

The working group was formed in the operational spots of PSK that is equipped with a structure of administrations whoare usually working under the coordination of each procuress.

“In Denpasar and Badung regency at least 11 working groups formed since the first time in 2009. The boss of procuress now is very cooperative to help preventing HIV / AIDS. In the past, instead of distributing condoms, socializing was difficult,” he said.

The success of cooperation among KPA, Kerti Praja Foundation, and the working groups in preventing HIV / AIDS, Suyetna said that it can be seen from the behavior of sex workers who had lined up since morning to have health check-upat the health center.

“Previously, we have to pick-up for any examination, we provide a taxi, and even we bang their doors to wake them up for having any check-up. Quite often we wait for them having a shower and taxi costs for the pickup reached up to Rp 5 million per month, now their awareness is incredible,” he said.

PSK used to not take any condoms given by KPA. But now the procuresses even have to contact YKP to ask for condoms.

“The sex workers who have declared positive for AIDS must be accompanied strictly for taking their ARVs. If they do not drink it, then the virus will infect up much easier. Meanwhile, if the virus is suppressed by taking ARVs, the patients’immune will rise and their possibility to transmit the disease becomes much smaller, “he said.

With the working groups, said Suyetna, procuresses have to report if there is a new hire and they have to contact the closest health centers or NGOs working on AIDS. The number of sex workers in Denpasar is approximately 1,000 people.

“Later we will provide counseling. Similarly, they should prepare their workers when there is counseling, encouraging them to have check-up for sexually transmitted infections (IMS), they should provide condoms and encouraging its use and so on that becomes the deal and there is consequence for any violation,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on data from the KPA Bali, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Bali cumulatively from 1987 to March 2013 reached 7,551 people with the detail as follows, bisexual risk group (24), heterosexual (5.807), homosexual (322), IDU (810), perinatal (226), tattoos (2), and unknown (360).

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