Feng Shui and Earth Chi

By S.BS. Surendran

An easy and simple approach to enhance the quality of energy movement in your home or office is to strengthen the “earth Chi”. This was considered quite important from the early days and is synonymous with the tenets of Good Feng shui.

The Chi energy flows not only throughout our planet, but through the entire solar system and galaxy. Our own planet, Earth, radiates chi energy that flows out and away from the planet and is said to be the chi energy moving upwards referred to as the Earth’s force. The energy moving downwards towards the Earth known as the heaven’s force is from the planets surrounding the Earth which radiates chi energy. Hence the movement of chi energy on the surface of the Earth, and therefore in our homes and in our own bodies, in influenced by the Earth itself and the surroundings planets. As the position of the Earth, and planets change, the movement of chi energy also changes, affecting our own flow of chi energy.

Buildings alter the flow of such chi energy due to their shape, openings and the materials they are made of. The orientation of a building to the sun and planets will determine the kind of chi energy that enters it and its has been found that energy most easily moves through doors when compared to windows and other apertures. Features of the immediate surroundings, such as water or roads, further determine the kind of chi energy that flows back and forth through the doors of the building and the energy keeps changing as the planets move through the sky, so there is a new pattern of chi energy each year, month, day and hour. The right Feng shui design and interior decorations could enhance or counter the kind of chi energy that moves around.

Taoist Feng Shui speaks of the combination of the heaven and earth chi which establishes a natural phenomenon upon which mankind exists and builds shelters. Earth Chi is the most significant influence in our fortunes no doubt so much importance is given when a new construction is started or completed as the process of ushering in the right energy in a building needs to be looked into from the time the property is identified till the time it remains occupied and functional.

Few important ways to strengthen the earth chi are:
• Adapt floorings of solid (not broken or terrazzo) marble, granite or tiles (earth materials) especially in the ground floor and avoid wood and carpet on the ground floor. Anything broken or haphazard suggests unstable “foundation’ to the chi movement.
• Surround your home with natural rocks and if few rocks are placed at the four corners of the property they signify strong and stable earth chi
• A solid wall at least 1.2mtr behind the home signifies earth support.
• Create a square patch filled with sand or pebbles to strengthen the earth chi in front of the house.
• Accentuated patches of yellow especially towards Northeast, centre and southwest sectors of the home in the furnishings is a good enhancer of earth chi.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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