Hindu Leaders Set Up World Hindu Parisadh

World Hindu leaders have set up “WORLD Hindu Parisadh” to develop cooperation between various  international Hindu organizations.

“(We) have also established a World Hindu Center which will implement programs formulated in the WHP,” the chairman of the steering committee of the World Hindu Summit, Prof. Dr. Made Bakta, here.

The 2nd World Hindu Summit since June 13 had gone smoothly. The secretariat of the WHD and WHC will be located in Bali, Made Bakta said.

“The WHC will carry out activities and studies relating to Hindu teachings as well as programs in children’s development, women empowerment, education, economic and other fields.

He said the tasks were not light and therefore efforts had to be made to strengthen the organization and maintain international networks and cooperation with Hindu experts from various countries to implement teachings.

“We also need internal consolidation and develop Hindus’ awareness,” he added.

He said the WHC Secretariat was expected to be built in 2014.

The chief advisor of the World Hindu Summit, Ida Pedanda Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa meanwhile said studies on Vedas were important so that the Hindu holy books could be implemented in the daily life.

The WHS chief organizing committee, I Gde Made Sadguna, said he was proud the meeting had produced results beyond expectation.

“Following the declaration of WHP and WHC efforts were needed to improve internal as well as external conditions,” he said.

Internally improvement is needed not only on the religious life of Hindus but also their welfare, he said.

“Externally meanwhile Hindus in Bali and Indonesia are expected to increase their contribution to peace and harmony. Hindus are expected to also participate in addressing world problems and not only Hindus’ problems,” he said.

The summit was attended by delegations from 20 countries and representatives from the Indonesian Hindu Council (PHDI) and Hindu institutions from 33 provinces in the country.

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