Badung Police Guarantee Tourists Security


Badung Resort Police and regional government guarantee the tourists security from any types of crime.

“We had a meeting with villa association to be involved anticipating crime in their environment,” said the Chief of Criminal Reserse Unit of Polres Badung Adjunct Commissioner I Wayan Arta Aryawan in Mangupura.

According to him each villa or accommodation for tourists must have some security requirements to anticipate criminal actions that tend to threaten tourists.

The requirements are having security staffs, security standard, fire anticipation, and burglary anticipation.

He also makes having CCTV in each villa as compulsory thing to monitor the situation around.

Besides, every accommodation should have coordination with other accommodation around them, so if there is any crime occurs it could be handled quickly.

“Every villa at least has network connected to other villas around so when any crime occurs it could be handled quickly by coordinating with security nearby,” he said.

But the problem now is many villas operating illegally so they have potency to be the target of crime.

To anticipate the problem, he always ask every villa to make the business permit based on the regulation so they have an obvious legal protection.

“If the illegal villas don’t administer their permit so the police and Badung regional government will have direct operation to the locations as well as closing the villas,” said Wayan Arta.

Recently, theft and robbery often happen toward foreign tourists staying in the area of Kuta, Badung Regency.

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