Bali Has 14,434 Hectares of Critical Land Remain


The Head of Forestry Department of Bali Province Gede Nyoman Wiranatha said that there is 14,434 hectares of critical land remain in Bali.

“In 2004, the wide of critical land in Bali was 55,313 hectares spreading in the forest area and outside the forest. By forest and land rehabilitation (RHL) effort from 2004 until 2012, had been successful in handling 40,879 hectares,” he said in Denpasar.

He stated that from 14,434 hectares of critical land in Bali, 6,950 hectares are in the forest area and 7,484 hectares are outside the forest area.

“Meanwhile, in Gianyar and Badung Regency there is no more critical land in the forest area. It happens since there is join-effort with the central government, provincial and regional government,” he said.

He added that at least since 2009-2012, the forest and land rehabilitation had covered 3,508 hectares of critical land from the target of 7,540 hectares.

“For mangrove rehabilitation that is planned 300 hectares in five years, it had been realized for 22 hectares. The forestry department also develops seed germination routinely for 45 hectares of forest every year,” he said.

Besides, he also develops various forest use with various plants/ woods on 1,625 hectares in five years (2009-2012) from the plan of 5,350 hectares.

“Especially in 2013, the government of Bali Province provides 751,939 tree seeds allocated for 1,243 hectares of land. The program is to support the one billion tree planting on the critical land in our region,” he said.

The seeds provided are mahogany, suar, gmelina, cempaka, rijasa, majegau, ampupu, sonokeling and other types of wood.

“In addition, we also empower the technical working unit of Forest Development Association (KPH) in the area of East, Central, and West of Bali to involve in taking care of the plants planted in previous years,” he said.

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