Feng Shui Luck for Selling Property

By S.BS. Surendran

The main principle of Feng Shui is Chi (pronounced “chee”), the life force pervading everything. Chinese Medicine describes the flow of Chi along the meridians within the body; FENG SHUI depicts the flow of Chi in the outside world; in a landscape, a house or an office. The flow of Chi is essential to the personal comfort and well-being of occupants and buyers, whose bodies pick up balance and imbalance.

Drained Chi means even though there seems to be sufficient energy; it is taken away again due to orientation or design factors. Reasons might be Geopathic stress either of the property or of the house itself these can be major energy grids as well as blockages of the energy flow within the landscape. It could also be due to bad design, orientation or even an addition or deletion of furnishing or furniture.

Through the ages, Feng Shui masters learned how to read these energy patterns and how to increase Chi by orienting buildings in a particular direction. They found ways to design gardens and entrances in a beneficial way and lead the Chi moderately through all the rooms of a house to stimulate specific aspects in an individual’s life.

Visualize a house on the bank of a beautiful lake, overlooking the water and also think of in contrast, an apartment in the middle of a city, facing the back of a factory. One would be able to feel the difference and its impact.  Through Fengshui one can change a less obvious, yet uncomfortable situation into something fascinating.

This principle could be extended even to get a Property sold provided certain basic rules of Fengshui are followed and put to practice. After all no one wants to buy a property which is completely drained off energy and lacks luster.

When all elements are in balance, they create harmony, peace and balance to attract a buyer and the Chi flows gently and peacefully. When they are out of balance, Chi flows out of the door or stops dead in its tracks.

The Key to making a house attractive enough even to a buyer is to infuse a large dose of Yang Chi or Positive energy.
• Dress up the approach and make it attractive and take away shrubs and overhanging trees and have a well painted, oiled gate.
• Change main door handles  to make it appear strong and the door well painted
• Display plenty of flowering plants on either sides of the door
• Ensure at least one room in the house which looks good  to make the potential buyer get interested
• Have bright lights at the South sector of the room to activate the feel good ambiance.
• Bring in plenty of sunlight and avoid heavy curtains
• Avoid excess furniture and too many distracting pieces of art
• Place a solid glass or crystal globe at the centre of the first room visible clearly on entry to ensure smooth transaction.
• Having the house in order not only attracts potential buyer but also ensures you are passing on god energy to the potential buyer along with positive vibes and prosperity than a rundown home with negative vibes.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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