Italian Drug User Sentenced for 16 Months


An italian accused for using heroine, Federico Andreozzi, is sentenced for 16 months in prison by the Head of Judges Panel Hasoloan Sianturi in Denpasar District Court.

In the verdict, the judges panel stated based on the legal facts presented in the trial, the accused had been proved as drug user.

The accused action according to the judge panel had violated Article 127 Paragraph (1) A Regulation Number 35 of 2009 about Narcotics.

“To sentence the accused with imprisonment for one year and four months that is reduced by period of detention,” he said.

The sentence is more lenient than the claim of general prosecutor I Dewa Anom Rai, which is 22 monts in prison.

The judge said that there are some reasons supported the judge’s decision to sentence the accused. Besides being polite and confess his action, he successfully proved himself as a drug user.

It is based on the witnesses’ information and evidence presented by the accused. Based on the notification letter from Italy it is revealed that he has used heroine since he was 18 years old.

The information is strengthened by the main witness dr Nyoman Hanati from Sanglah General Center Hospital explaining that the accused had consulted her and had therapy in her clinic.

However, as the accused couldn’t show the permit from police to use heroine, finally the accused was arrested by police on January 15, 2013 near the security post at Perumahan Taman Wira Umadui, Jalan Gunung Payung, Padang Sambian Kelod, Denpasar.

At that time, the police found heroine weighing 2.22 grams from the pocket of pants he was wearing. Then, the accused was directed to his home at Jalan Gunung Payung Perumahan Taman Wira Blok A No.12 Umadui, Padang Sambian Klod Denpasar.

In his living room, the police seized six syringes. While being interrogated, the accused Federico Andreozzi confessed that the heroine were bought from a man who is now a DPO with the price of Rp1.1 million, which would be used by the accused on his own.

Hearing the verdict both the accused and prosecutors directly said that they accept it.

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