Lontar is Presented at World Culture Forum

The Balinese Lontar treasury is presented at World Culture Forum on 24-27 of November, 2013, in Bali in line with the effort to propose it as the World Cultural Heritage.

“Fortunately, this year there is ‘World Culture Forum’ so we try to promote it, at least to introduce it to the world,” said the Head of Culture Department of Bali Province Ketut Suastika in Denpasar.

According to him, lontar might include in the World Cultural Heritage as subak, since it has tangible in terms of the thing is real as well as intangible in the form of philosophical value that could be a living foundation.

“Lontar is the one and only existing in Bali. We can’t just propose it but we have to make its inventory. We have to measure its strength in terms of our ability to conserve it,” he said.

He said that the requirement to be declared as the World Cultural Heritage is there is a clear system of management and institution and commitment for sustainability.

“Hopefully, in the next five year of duty of the Governor Made Mangku Pastika, this idea could be realized. The process is long, like subak spending twelve years to be a World Cultural Heritage,” he said.

On the other hand, he said, related to the request from culture practitioners to establish Regional Lontar Council.

Suastika stated that the organization is quite strategic for preservation anad development of Balinese culture.

“The organisations having clear function on cultural field certainly will be approved by the Governor,” he said.

In terms of the technique, said Suastika, the culture practitioners will be asked for some considerations for its format and authority limitation as there is an organization for supervision and development of culture.

A cultural figure of Bali, Wayan Geria, proposed three ways to preserve lontar as the Indonesia culture treasure, they are small, medium and primary scale.

The small-scale program includes revitalization on the village centers and lontar exploration, the middle-scale program includes data strengthen, training and socialization, digitalization, creative economy and exhibition.

In addition, the primary effort is establishing Regional Lontar Council, composing regional regulation on protection, improving human resources, analyzing World Cultural Heritage proposal, up to establishing center of lontar.

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