Bali Export Increase 8.92 Percent


Bali get devisa worth US$ 50.6 millions from shipping various commodities to overseas (export) in May 2013.

“The income increases 8.92 percent compared to the previous month, which is US$46.45 millions,” said the Head of Statistics Center Agency (BPS) of Bali Province, Gede Suarsa in Denpasar.

He said that the shipping of various commodities through several ports in Indonesia has declined 0.91 percent compared to May 2012, which was US$ 48.45 millions.

Market of the United States of America absorb 21 percent of the total Bali commodities going through overseas markets, followed by Japan 10.40 percent, Singapore 8.24 percent, South Korea 7.57 percent and Australia 5.50 percent.

Gede Suarsa added that five main commodities gathering devisa including fish and shrimp products 21.08 percent, followed by furniture and lighting product 15.30 percent, jewelry 10.61 percent and woods and wooden goods 9.83 percent.

The development of export value of those five export destination countries compared to May 2012 for the United States and Japan have declined 18.99 percent and 28.18 percent.

Meanwhile, the export to three other countries including Singapore increases 17.21 percent, South Korea 501.81 percent and Australia 6.67 percent.

Gede Suarsa explained that if the devisa obtained compared to April 2013 shown that the export to the United States of America, Japan, and Australia declined each 12.51 percent, 6.81 percent, and 22.83 percent.

On the other hand, the export to the other two countries, Singapore and South Korea shows increase each 40.58 percent and 1,989.75 percent, said Gede Suarsa.

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