Dozen Tourists Lost Their Valuable Things


About eleven foreign tourists staying at Legian Beach Bungalows lost their money and valuable things including their passport as it was stolen from the safety box in their room.

Based on the information from John Brennan via email to The Bali Times on Thursday, the incident happened to eleven tourists who were staying at a hotel located around Jalan Padma.

He predicted that the loss due to the theft reaches Rp150 million, moreover their passports are missing too.

John said that the hotel management promise to return the stolen things immediately but until now there is no clarity yet.

“We get information the same incident also happened in the other hotel but the guest who stays there get refund,” he said.

He asked for clarity about the compensation for guests whose money and things were stolen.

Meanwhile, Ayu as the receptionist of Legian Beach Bungalows when confirmed, she admitted that there was a theft on valuable things that belong to guests staying at the hotel.

“The  incident occurred on Thursday (13/6) at dawn and until now the police already handle it,” she said.

She explained that the incident happened to guests from overseas, such as Australia and Germany. However, they didn’t come in group but individually.

There are seven rooms whose safety boxes were broken, this condition certainly made her concerned and willing to help the victims.

“We’ve helped the victims reporting the incident to police if they want to, and provided assistance in processing their passport,” she said.

The hotel also gives voucher to those guests, that is to stay for one week in the hotel for free.

However Ayu didn’t explain the procedure of compensation for guests who experienced the unfortunate incident.

In fact, the hotel has been secured by security staffs who are on duty in turns from morning until night.

Until now the police is still investigating the case.

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  1. marc Says:

    Is this the hotel where the safety boxes ar in the office of the hotel and not in the hotelrooms… Where the security guard was “drugged” by a so called western looking man???

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