DPD Member Ask Geothermal Project Not to be Compelled


Member of DPD RI from voting region of Bali Province, I Kadek Arimbawa, asked that the continuation of geothermal project should not be compelled, as it must be adjusted to the community social and culture.

“Please adjust it to Balinese socio-cultural side, although the program is good for the central administration, the holy sites should be maintained,” he said in Denpasar.

According to him, the continuation of geothermal project also must look after people aspiration in the Island of Gods thinking that it’s not suitable to the social and culture concept.

Some times ago, he had met PLN Bali Distribution to ask for solution to get electricity energy other than from geothermal.

“I had met with PLN Bali, it doesn’t have to be the geothermal,” said the senator who is familiarly called Lolak.

He stated that the solution that could be done based on PLN explanation is by changing the fuel from diesel into gas, which produces bigger energy around 15 mega.

Besides, they suggest changing the machine as the power plant machine used currently is made in 1976.

“The third solution is Java-Bali under-sea cables,” he said.

Previously, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Jero Wacik intended to continue the geothermal project that has been stopped in Bedugul area, Tabanan Regency.

“Yes (geothermal will be established, red.), as we need energy supply, need power,” he said when observed the disbursement of temporary direct fund assistance (BLSM) in Denpasar.

The politician who was born in Singaraja said that he is optimistic on the continuation of geothermal project although it had been stopped for a long time.

Although there are some objections, the Democrat Party politician stated that the objection happened a long time ago and now there is no more.

The former of Minister of Culture and Tourism said that he will do persuasive steps so he could realize the geothermal project.

By having the geothermal power plant, Bali can have additional power of 150-200 megawatt with the need of nowadays is 600 megawatt and in the future it will be around 1,000 megawatt.

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