Government of Karangasem Regency Fail to Control Category C Mining


Karangasem regency government has attempted to enforce the rules relating to the exploitation ofmineral of Ccategory in some locations, such as in Besakih, Rendang, Selat and Bebandem, but failed to control the environmental damage in the region.

“Our officers have done spot checks related to the extensive mining of C category at that location. However, it does face many obstacles on the field, especially the conduct of business is the local people,” said Karangasem Regent Wayan Geredeg, in Denpasar.

He said that he had gottenSatpol PP and related agencies, but sometimes they’re failed to stop the effort. Because the location is part of customary village area.

“Indeed, we find it difficult to regulate the business of C category mining. Because when our officers move they’ve blocked by the excuses for welfare to the local community,” he said diplomatically.

Referring to the issue that the Regent has the sand mining business, Geredegsaid that anyone should have a right to have a business. Not because they are a regent or not. It is a right as a citizen to try bussiness.

“Anyone has the right to C category minerals mining business. Not because I am regent. You have the right to have the same opportunity. Especially before serving regent, my background is a businessman,” said Geredeg.

He said that anyone may try and be abusinessman in C-category miningas long as they fulfill all requirements and licensing.

“As long as they meet the terms and conditions they could open a business. It is open to anybody,” he said.

Earlier, the Vice Chairman of Commission I DPRD Bali Gusti Putu Widjra said that he will conduct inspection to the C category miningsitesin Karangasem regency.

“We immediately conduct inspection to the C category miningas it is harmful to the environment. Otherwise it will threaten the surrounding area, including major flooding happening at the downstream residential area,” said the politician from Buyan village, Karangasem regency.

Even from the data collected from businessmen who have license, he said, they are very little, compared to the current exploration at the mine site.

“Government of Karangasem regency act as if did not know and close their eyes. Though this has been a threat to environmental damage in the Eastern region of the island. I suspect there is anocnumplaying behind the C category mining,” said Widjra confirmed.

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