KPPU Recommend to Eliminate Taxi Monopoly in Bali


Bussiness Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) recommends elimination of taxi monopoly at Ngurah Rai International airport, Bali.

“We ask to stop the monopoly practice at least when Ngurah Rai International Airport that just being renovated is operated before the APEC Summit,” said the Head of KPPU Office Surabaya Chapter Dendy Rakhmad Sutrisno, when contacted from Denpasar.

The KPPU office Surabaya Chapter that control over East Java, Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara, had called the management of Ngurah rai Airport taxi, PT Angkasa Pura, and Transportation Department of Bali Province up to Surabaya some times ago.

According to him, Department of Transportation in Bali understands the recommendation of KPPU is based on Regulation Number 5 of 1999 about Prohibition of Monopoly Practice and Unfair Bussiness Competition.

“Before, they ask for time until the facilities at the airport are adequate. Now, Ngurah Rai Airport is almost finished its extention and renovation project. We ask that when it’s operated, the taxi monopoly must be eliminated straight away,” said Dendy.

Previously, he accepted the excuse from the management of Ngurah rai Airport taxi that as long as there is no areal to keep taxi in queue for transporting passengers, so other taxi from other operator could not operate at the airport.

“We’ve given time until the problem is solved. Thus, when Ngurah Rai Airport finish its renovation, so other operators must be given the same opportunity,” he said.

KPPU guaranteed that Ngurah Rai Airport taxi operated by cooperation won’t lose its market when the monopoly practice is eliminated. Moreover, its marketing will be wider, like what has happened at Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

“We even encourage the ‘incumbent’ taxi to extend its market more as they won’t be limited to the regulation that they apply. They not only take passengers from airport but they can take passengers from anywhere. They also can take passengers along the roas,” he said.

So far, the airport taxi only take passengers who just arrived and return to the airport without any passenger coming since based on the rules they can’t take passengers from places other than the airport.

“The rule is actualy harm the taxi and its customers. The system also limits the drivers’ income that only can take passengers three to four times in a day,” said Dendy.

Moreover, KPPU observed that the passengers landed at Ngurah Rai Airport prefer rentcar or other pic-up service than using the service of airport taxi whose tariff is zone-base.

He asked the management of Ngurah Rai Airport taxi to model its predecessor at Hasanuddin and Juanda Airport Surabaya. “ Hasanuddin Airport has no taxi monopoly, while at Juanda on the beginning of fasting month has given opportunity to three other taxi operators to operate at the airport,” he said.

However, Ngurah rai Airport taxi in its practice monitored by KPPU have shown that there is an improvement by giving two options to the passengers, paying the rate based on the zone or based on the argometer with minimum distance cost Rp 25,000 and additional reservation cost Rp 10,000 and retribution Rp 10,000.

KPPU also asked Dishub Bali to revisit the regulation that differentiate airport and non-airport taxi so that it doesn’t violate the Transportation Minister Regulation that says taxi is inter-cities transportation in a province whose tariff is using argometer system.

“We also ask the management of Ngurah rai Airport taxi to implement the Circulatory Letter of PT Angkasa Pura in 2008 that taxi service at the airport should not a monopoly,” Dendy added.

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