Observer Reminds Balinese People about Local Language


The custom and culture observer Prof Dr I Nengah Duija remind people on the island in order to learn the local language intensively to prevent rapid extinction.

“Currently Balinese language is being campaigned to be included in the curriculum of 2013/2014. However I hope that young people in Bali so Balinese language is not only campaigned, it must be studied so that they could use the language properly and correctly,” he said in Denpasar.

Duija who is the Graduate Program Director of State Institute of Hindu Dharma (IHDN) Denpasar acknowledged the decline of interest in younger generation to learn Balinese language.

“Instead of reading ‘Balinese letters’, in everyday life they tend to use the Indonesian language mixed with English,” he said.

Therefore, in this case it’s not only the authority of the government, but all those around them such as parents, community and traditional leaders to jointly maintain and preserve the ancestral language.

As for the school, he hoped that teachers emphasized learning Balinese language more intensively so that the students understand the meaning of the language of the area.

According to Duija, the benefits of Balinese language is very important, especially in the study of inscriptions, customs, and culture in Bali.

By studying the customs and culture we will be able to sell them to tourists visiting the island.

Previously, thousands of Balinese language teachers had protested to the provincial government of Bali due to the plan related to the elimination of Balinese language from the educational curriculum.

And now the subject of Balinese Languagestill includes in the local curriculum of the school year 2013/2014 where the number of lessons given at each level of education is left entirely to the provincial government of Bali to decide.

The assurance was conveyed by Deputy Minister of Education Prof Musliar Kasim to the group of Bali Provincial Government coming to Jakarta to coordinate on 3 April 2013.

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  1. Eddie McCulloch Says:

    As a regular visitor to Bali (Monthly), I can understand the concern of the Education authorities to keep this as a living language. The tourists are encouraged to talk Bahasa Indonesian but most do not realise that the older Balinese would prefer the true Balinese language. I can see that in a few generations the Balinese language will disappear from everyday life and only be spoken by academics and in a few remote villages. Globalisation will not recede. The Balinese Education departments will have to stand up and be responsible to halt the flow.

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