PLN Bali Guarantee Power Supply Before APEC Summit


General Manager of PT PLN  Bali Ida Bagus Mardawa declared that the electricity supply for the needs of the APEC Summit and Lebaran even until the end of the year is in a safe under-control condition.

“We guarantee that the power supply for the APEC Summit to Eidis safe even until the end of the year in Bali. In fact, some of the major events in Bali do not disrupt the electricity needs for the customers,” he said, when met in Denpasar.

For Eid up to APEC, Mardawa admitted that from the supply side is only predicted to add 50 MW more and the amount has been prepared by Pesanggaran Diesel Power Plant Denpasar. PLN, he said, is ensuring the supply increase is not only up to Eid and APEC but also up to Christmas and the New Year.

“In addition to enabling the diesel-powered 50 MW in Pensanggaran Denpasar, PLN also plans to build a transmission located in Pandak Gede Tanah Lot Tabanan to support the power supply,” he added.

Especially for preparation of APEC, Mardawa confirmed that they have built a substation located at Ngurah Rai Airport. The substation is intended to back up the supply to NgurahRai Airport and Nusa Dua area later.

“This substation is a substation of high quality at a great price nearly three times compared to the usual price of other substations,” he said.

Mardawa described the substation was built permanentlynear Ngurah Rai Airport because it is made to the needs of NgurahRai Airport that is currently under massive renovation and of course in need for electricity on a large scale as well.

“In addition to setting up the infrastructure of electricity, PLN also prepares qualified human resources for other technicalpurposes. In terms of SOP, the technical personnel should have anextraordinary skill. All is currently being pursued to improve the skills of human resources in PLN Bali,” he said.

Currently, Mardawa believes that PLN Bali own technical personnel to repair high-voltage electricity in the state of up to 150 watts of power without having to turn it off first.

“With advanced equipment, the technicians can repair high-voltage electricity in a state without having to turn off the power first. All of these preparations will be final in August this year and will soon be tested,” he concluded.

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