Poverty Rate in Badung Decline


The poverty rate in Badung regency, Bali, is likely to decline after the local government making efforts to open employment opportunity.

“The government’s action to reduce poverty is not only provide support, but to create opportunity and reduce unemployment rate,” said Head of Public Relations and Protocols of Badung Anak Agung Gede Raka Yuda in Mangupura, Badung regency.

He explained that the poverty rate from year to year tends to decline. It was 3.28 percent in 2009, declined to 3.23 percent in 2010 and in 2011 it fell further to 2.62 percent with a population of 383,880 people.

Poverty reduction in Badung is along with increasing numbers of human development index (IPM) over the years, from 75.02 percent in 2010 increased to 75.35 percent in 2011.

Based on these data the poverty reduction programs have contributed to the decline in the poverty rate, although from indicators of gap there is an increase or inequality.

“In anticipation the widening of inequality, social protection programs conducted for 40 percent of the population having the lowest-income,” he said.

According to Raka Yuda, these programs aim at target households (RTS) in the database target of Social Protection Program Documentation (PPLS) in 2011.

Moreover, if it is comparedto the poverty rate in Bali province and the national poverty rate, it is much lower in Badung. The poverty rate in the province of Bali in 2011 is 4.59 of the total population of 3,890,757 inhabitants, while in national is 12.49 percent of the population of 250 million people.

With the decline in the poverty rate in Badung regency, it is followed by an increase in IPM. These conditions suggest that poverty reduction will be contributing to the achievement of the other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Based on the trend of poverty reduction and improved IPM, Badung Government is committed to achieve the other MDGs including another agenda after 2015.

“To achieve these targets Badung government plan several pro-people programs as well as to reduce poverty in the Southern part of Bali,” he said.

Badung regency create activities including support for community land affected by the green line, the construction of residential roads, development of water supply network.

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