The Opening of JDP on Bali Provincial Government Anniversary


The official opening of over-water toll road (JDP) connecting Benoa-Ngurah Rai Airport-Nusa Dua will be done at the same time of celebrating the 55th anniversary of Bali Provincial government on August 14, 2013.

The governor of Bali Made mangku Pastika in Denpasar stated that for the plan he had sent letter to the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono so he could open JDP officially on the scheduled time. “I hope that the President of Indonesia could open JDP and announce its name,” he said.

He stated that he had sent two options of JDP name to the President, Jalan Soekarno-hatta and Jalan Bali Mandara.

According to the former Chief of Bali Police, Jalan Soekarno Hatta is given to commemorate the service of those two Indonesian pro claimers as the nation has stood up until now because of their effort.

While the name Jalan Bali Mandara, he said, besides it’s the President’s idea, it also has special meaning to Bali. “Bali Mandara sticks to Balinese name, all people in the world will know Bali and it exists in Bali. Mandara means great, huge and holy,” he said.

He had submitted two options of the road name to the President SBY to decide it, regarding that for national road, the name is decided by the central government.

On the other hand, Pastika said that what is not discussed yet is the JDP rate for two-wheels and four-wheels or more vehicles. “In terms of its rate, it will be a discussion in the legislative as it must be approved by legislators,” he said.

JDP or toll bridge of 12.7 kilometers long prepared for supporting the 2013 Asia Pasific Nations Economy Cooperation (APEC) Summit costs Rp 2.4 trillions.

The project that should be undertaken in 18 months could be finished in 14 months. In Indonesia, JDP is the longest over-water road built by local workers.

Meanwhile, Regional Repre-sentatives Council expects the tariffs of above sea waterstoll connecting Benoa-NgurahRai-Nusa Dua, Bali, is affordable to local community.

“I expect the rate is more favorable to local communities,” said the Council member, Vivi Effendi, on the sidelines of reviewing the road construction projects on the waters of the sea in Denpasar.

Meanwhile, Director of Engineering and Operational Jasa Marga Bali Tol, Wiwin Kwintadi Suprapto, explained that the temporary rates of toll road contracted with the government for units of passenger vehicles such as sedans and jeeps is Rp10 thousand and Rp4 thousand for motorcycles.

“That’s just a temporary rate, but the test can be done later,” he said.

DPD members from Bali, Kadek Arimbawa stated that the temporary rate is expected to be accepted by society as it’s cheaper. But the senator who is familiarly called Lolak expected that there is cross-subsidy between classes of drivers and motorcycle rider. “I think the price is reasonable and cheaper,” he said.

Jasa Marga is also expected to improve their assistance in the form of corporate social responsibility in its attention to the preservation of the environment around such as the preservation of mangroves forest adjacent to the highway project.

Group of Committee II DPD who are in charge of infrastructure, natural resources and other economic resources seemed amazed by the construction of the first toll road in Indonesia, which was built above the sea.

“I am very impressed with the construction of this highway, especially the contractors are Indonesian,” said Bambang Susilo, a DPD member from the constituency of East Kalimantan.

Construction of the 12-kilometer highway that cut through the Badung Strait with views of the mangroves was done by three contractors in the country, namely PT Adhi Karya, PT Hutama Karya, and PT Waskita Karya.

The project built by Indonesian contractors is still under construction that will be unveiled prior to the Summit of Asia Pacific Countries Economic Cooperation (APEC summit) in October.

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