Bali Toll Road Uses Environmentally-friendly Method


The construction of a 12-km toll road linking Benoa-Ngurah Rai-Nusa Dua on the island resort of Bali uses environmentally-friendly method, an official said.

“We use environmentally-friendly method in constructing this toll road to reduce environmental damage of the waters around Benoa Bay,” local toll road management company PT Jasamarga President Director Akhmad Tito Karim said here.

He said the freeway to link Benoa-Ngurah Rai-Nusa Dua would cross the bay of Benoa.

Therefore, he explained that the pillars and the floors of the toll road would be made in the factory before being implanted or placed in the sea.

“If the floors and pillars are directly made in the sea, it will pollute the waters,” he said, adding that the pile of soil for the Rp2.4 trillion worth of the toll road would also be taken into account in order not to destroy the mangrove forest around the bay.

Akhmad noted that since the start of the toll road construction in December 2011, PT Jasamarga has planted around 15,000 mangrove seedlings along the coast of Benoa Bay as part of mangrove preservation effort.

He said Public Works Ministry and Transportation Ministry were scheduled to make feasibility study on July 25, 2013 about the operation of the freeway.

“After the feasibility study is over, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will inaugurate the road on August 14 in conjunction with the anniversary of Bali provincial government,” he said.

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